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NLM, based in Wisconsin and operating out of a 15,000 square foot facility, is committed to giving clients a competitive advantage in manufacturing solutions. NLM offers clients a new production strategy that is only focused on giving them high-quality manufactured components at a fair price. NLM concentrates on components made of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum that have been CNC machined and fabricated. NLM offers a network of sources to help with Plastic Injection Molding, Metal Fabrication, Material Supply, and Bespoke Gears thanks to its team members' combined experience of over 75 years in the manufacturing industry.

We focus on providing sourcing solutions and production of precise products that will boost our clients' profitability. NLM offers a wide range of services that have saved money while also delivering the highest level of quality.

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401 E. Edgewater Street Portgage, WI 53901 Portgage Wisconsin United States 53901

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Name Next Level Manufacturing
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